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“Doing any kind of deal like buying or refinancing a home can be stressful. But having Sasha by our side helped make the process smooth. Sasha really got to know us, what our goals are, and what we wanted to accomplish and she gave us options. She is helpful, kind, and really cares about family. I truly appreciate Sasha and will never forget how much she’s helped us! Thank you!”

– Teresa P.

“She was amazing, we felt as if she had our best interest in mind the whole time, she keeped us informed via phone or email she really made me feel as if we mattered, not like we were just a deal. I really appreciate her. And it was a great and easy process, as long as sacha is helping you..thank you”

– Jeff P.


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In the mortgage business, nothing is more valuable than proof of excellent service. The best evidence is not our low ratio of complaints, or the full branding of what is merely our everyday approach to lending: Lifetime-Loan-wBG-300x47. The best evidence is your testimony and what other clients have said.

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